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Welcoming Our New Riverkeeper

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It's hard to train for any new job, especially to be a Riverkeeper.

Frank Chitwood, our Staff Riverkeeper since 2010, is setting sail for an adventure of a lifetime. He announced his resignation and is going to follow his dream to travel around the world by sailboat. Before he sets sail with his wife, we are so grateful he is willing to help us train a new Riverkeeper.

Training a new Riverkeeper over the course of two months involves:

  • an increase in fuel for the boat and truck
  • increased personnel expenses
  • extra sampling expenses
  • and of course, a lot of time!

Our Staff and Board of Directors have already begun preparing for a successful transition. Soon we will begin interviewing for the next Staff Riverkeeper, but the reality is our organization already has a plan for growth that extends well beyond this transition and which you will soon learn about in our 2019-2021 Strategic Plan.

We have set a target date of a new hire in May and two full months of training. This allows Frank enough time to train and prepare your next Riverkeeper, as well as take care of personal preparations before beginning his voyage. He will conclude his tenure as your Coosa Riverkeeper on June 30, 2019.

Frank says, "I'm excited for the opportunity to help plan for and train your next Staff Riverkeeper before my departure. This is not an easy financial undertaking as we are a small, lean organization, but we are confident the investment of time and additional salary for an overlap of about two months for training is necessary to support long-term success. I've set up a special fundraising campaign to ensure smooth cash flow during this transition. I have already made a contribution that is significant to my personal budget, and I hope you will join me in supporting Coosa Riverkeeper a little extra this year, knowing that this organization always provides amazing dividends for your investment."